Barang - Barang Transparan yang keren

Barang - Barang Transparan yang keren dan simak aja dibawah ini

  1. Transparent Nikon D80
    Spoiler for Nikon D80:

    Transparent camera models from Nikon D80 DSLR.
  2. Transparent Refrigerator
    Spoiler for Refrigerator:

    Refrigerator is only in Japan.
  3. Transparent Clothes Dryer
    Spoiler for Clothes Dryer:

    Clothes dryer is also coming from Japan who try to find something that smells transparent.
  4. Transparent Chair
    Spoiler for Chair:

    The framework is made of metal chairs and the chair itself is made of transparent plastic.
  5. Transparent Mirror
    Spoiler for Mirror:

    Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud is made of glass extra-light.
  6. Transparent iPod Case
    Spoiler for iPod Case:

    Dizziness selecting a suitable color for your iPod? iVue Crystal is the best case for your iPod.
  7. Transparent Canoe
    Spoiler for Canoe:

    Weighs about 40lbs. This boat is very strong.
  8. Transparent Xbox 360 Case
    Spoiler for Xbox 360 Case:

    This is the only case that shows how you can spin a CD in there.
  9. Transparent PSTwo Slim Case
    Spoiler for PSTwo Slim Case:

    Xbox same as above. But this is the PS2.
  10. Transparent Iron
    Spoiler for Iron:

    Iron transparent B-725″ is a transparent iron. so you can see the clothes being ironed. made of heat-resistant glass.
  11. Transparent Toaster
    Spoiler for Toaster:

    You can see the bread being baked.
  12. Transparent Chess Set
    Spoiler for Chess Set:

    This chess terinspitasi of the novel ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ where one part of it turned into a transparent to the touch.
  13. Transparent Concrete
    Spoiler for Concrete:

    Transparent concrete. Really great.
  14. Transparent Dice
    Spoiler for Dice:

    Transparent dice.
  15. Transparent Bath
    Spoiler for Bath:

    This transparent bathtub can show how much water is in the tub. but now new to the concept.

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